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Circles is an abstract puzzle game that takes your mind off things. No words, no distractions: an invitation to experiment. Relax, let your mind wander and discover the puzzling possibilities of circles.

• 90 levels + extra challenges
• 4 unique modes for replayability

• Unique and intuitive gameplay
• Does not contain a single word
• Based completely on mouse movement
• Atmospheric and interactive music
• Lots and lots of circles

Nope, Circles is not a mobile game. From the start, it was developed around mouse controls, so the best experience is to be had on PC/Mac. That being said, mobile is still an interesting option in the future.


PlatformsWindows, Mac OS X
AuthorJeroen Wimmers
TagsAbstract, Minimal, Casual, Experimental
AccessibilityInteractive tutorial, Textless
Player countSingleplayer

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